Wondering - Single

by The District Lights



released March 5, 2013

Music - James Mitchell and Warren Acuncius
Words - Warren Acuncius

Bass - Dan Szematowicz
Strings - Suvo Sur
Vocals - Warren Acuncius
Guitars, Mandolin, Percussion - James Mitchell

Produced by The District Lights
Engineered by James Mitchell



all rights reserved


The District Lights Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Wondering
The people here are wondering if maybe it's time to move along
There are those whispering it's more than ok if you should choose to skip your turn
Spend all this time thinking, thinking
That maybe it's me and not just you
And that time will tell all
And if I broke this spell
Well maybe well you can break one too

But we're all just stuck here collecting the sticks and stones that would break our bones and then we,
we cycle through it without out a clue for what's to come
Maybe we're headed for some sort of ending
Or maybe we're mocking the fact that we won't see this again
We'll see the end, we will see this end

The people here are wondering if maybe it's time to lose control
Throw it all to the wind or stick our heads in the sand
And see how far an empty threats go
Spend all this time sinking, sinking
And maybe that’s what we needed too
Something brings us down
Leave us all on our own
With no one around to see us through

Maybe it's simple division
Or maybe itss just fate knocking down our door
And I'm not known for quick decision
But sometimes nothings a decision too